Real Men Use DMK

By Danné Montague-King

We want to be taken seriously. We are highly trained professionals and we want our advice to be respected and trusted to encourage compliance and commitment to our advice.

People continually ask me around the world how I keep my youth? I jokingly reply, “Give him a good allowance and designer clothes.” But jokes aside, I am obligated to keep practicing what I preach, or where is the validity of the methodology I started out so many decades ago? Every few years there are “male skin care” campaigns with slogans like “real men take care of their skin!” almost as if it is universally thought that men are Neanderthals and relish looking as rough and aged as possible in order to maintain their masculinity! The real truth is, it was WOMEN in the late 1960’s that started demanding that their men be more than an overweight slob that thinks he can get laid with a big bank-roll and a flash car! The new woman at that period was tired of always being expected to be hot, thin, big boobs and gorgeous face that never aged-basically at the pleasure of men and their demands.

Women began to demand that their spouses and boyfriends also start taking care of themselves if they wanted to get to first base with them. My clinic in Chicago was fully booked, back in the 1980’s with 50% male clientele all the way from blue collar dock workers up to presidents of banks; and not to mention the gay community where appearance is important and disposable incomes unencumbered by wives and kids was available. Of course this has changed a lot more recently with adoptions and same sex marriages, but the desire to be attractive well into senior citizen age still persists.

And then there is the beleaguered acne youth; so devastated by their condition they fear public events and even going to school. Part of the reason DMK appeals to our male clients is because our clinics looked more like a doctor’s office, not a feminine pamper-poo palace rife with female centric displays, including make up etc. Any man (or woman) is familiar with the doctor’s office and feels comfortable but slightly apprehensive over the serious atmosphere— which is what we want as skin revision professionals. We want to be taken seriously. We are highly trained professionals and we want our advice to be respected and trusted to encourage compliance and commitment to our advice. Our client’s commitment is an important part toward achieving best outcomes and final results. Most male treatments are predicated upon looking younger. The ageing executive worrying about the duration of his job as younger blood climbs the ladder to his position.

DMK treatments would be the same as for the mature woman, keeping in mind to present his treatments with precise clarity, and ensure his commitment to his DMK Home Prescriptive plan on the “step one, two, three etc.” basis. (I have actually looked into medicine cabinets of some of my male clients in their homes and saw all the products neatly lined up in order of usage). Some men forty and under are very active in business and social life. We at DMK look to keep their regimens as simple as possible to start out but then slowly add on everything they actually need as they become accustomed to the routine. As they see results they want to comply. Men actually are the best clients because they don’t usually wander through department stores picking up skin care samples to try at home, like women do, thus perhaps negating all our hard, professional work by applying something that, while harmless, chemically aborts their home product prescriptive plan.

Teenaged boys are the worst when it comes to compliance, but when they see fundamental changes in their inflamed and pustule ridden skin and their social worth starts to take off, they become better clients. To start this, I recommend a treatment a week for at least 6 weeks to get ahead of the breakouts and allow the hypothalamus gland to cool down and the skin to get clearer. They will want to keep that status and become more compliant.

DMKC is a real gift to these lads! It allows them healing coverage while they go through the revision stages. I NEVER refer to it as make up; it is their camouflage that does not sweat off even during sports. If I show them how to mix their exact color from their pallets—like mixing paint for a model airplane and apply it only to the affected area, feathering it out onto the rest of their skin (as opposed to wearing an entire face of foundation) they will jump on this straight away, empowered with tools that help them be IN control of their situation as opposed to being helplessly out of control. They become DMK’s finest walking advertisement, not to mention their Mum’s trumpeting the skills of DMK technicians all over town. Men do generally have a thicker corneum than women, more copious sebaceous flow and a higher plasmatic reaction than females— hence we can afford to be a bit more aggressive with professional DMK treatments to deliver results. But keep in mind our pain threshold is lower and we whine!

I still kick my feet into a blur after Quick Peel is applied after all these years—but the results are worth it!