The Best Waxing Whangarei Offers! Everything you wanted to know about waxing but were afraid to ask!

Woman getting the best waxing Whangarei offers from Bellissimo!

You can try and do your own waxing or you can get the best waxing Whangarei offers from Bellissimo Skin & Body!

Here it is, the big FAQ page about waxing! At Bellissimo Skin & Body, we do some of the best waxing Whangarei has to offer! Click here for more about our waxing treatments or read on for the FAQ’s!

Strip wax or hot wax – what are the differences?

If you have thick hair you want to remove, and it is on less sensitive areas such as arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs then strip wax is recommended.  With this procedure  the wax is applied in a thin layer to the skin and a paper strip is used to remove it.  Hot wax is much less painful as well as having other benefits such as less breakage and ingrown hairs giving a longer period between treatments.  Skin hydration is also promoted with this type of waxing and it should be used for more sensitive areas.  With this method a thick layer of hot wax is spread onto the area to be treated, it is left to dry slightly and then peeled away gently.

What length of hair is needed for waxing treatments?

Hot wax can be used to remove hair which is only 2mm long, whilst strip wax needs a length of 4mm.  Hair growth varies depending on the person but a rule of thumb is that areas which have been shaved two weeks previously can be waxed.  We would, however, recommend a period of three weeks for larger body areas such as legs and arms.  When waxing hair longer than 2cm discomfort and breakage are more likely so we recommend trimming those areas prior to an appointment.

Frequency of waxing

Again depending on the particular person’s hair growth rate we recommend treatments every four or six weeks.  Hair will renew itself during this time and if left too long there may be both short and long hairs to be dealt with so it is important to stick to regular treatments.


Although our therapists are expertly trained to give our client’s minimum discomfort the waxing treatments are not completely pain free.  Every person has different pain thresholds and discomfort during waxing will vary accordingly.  Regular waxing will usually reduce any discomfort as the hairs will become sparser, thinner and lighter.  Discuss this matter with your therapist but if you think the pain may be a problem take medication such as Nurofen or Panadol half an hour before your appointment.  Other factors such as menstrual cycle, fatigue and some medication may also affect how much discomfort you feel.

Bikini waxes during pregnancy

Firstly we would recommend consulting with your healthcare provider about this.  However, our therapists are trained to wax all areas on the body in a safe and comfortable manner and waxing whilst pregnant is popular.  Extended bikini and Brazilian waxes can be carried out until a week before the baby is due.

Bikini wax etiquette

We supply disposable knickers for all treatments but you are welcome to use your own for Bikini waxes, we supply a disposable G-string for Brazilian waxes.  Please note we take no responsibility for damage to your own underwear from oil or wax used in the processes.

Points to check on arrival for the appointment

  • Advise the therapist if you are using any medication or skin care treatments such as retinol, vitamin A, ro-accutane, acids (lactic, glycolic, salicylic) or skin lighteners.
  • If this appointment is your first the therapist will go through a consultation procedure to ensure you receive the best treatment, if you have experienced problems with previous waxing treatments advise the therapist.
  • Also advise if you have any allergies
  • If waxing is new to you, or you  have had previous treatments, please tell the therapist if you are shy or prefer a particular position and they will adapt to your wishes using different techniques, we want to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Where can I get the best waxing Whangarei offers?

Do you even need to ask? You can come and see us at Bellissimo Skin & Body, 27 Norfolk Street, Whangarei. Phone us on 09 438 2964 to make an appointment.