Elōs™ IPL

Elōs™ IPL Hair Removal

There are many IPL (intense pulse light) offers on the market but many fall short of the promise of a real solution. By choosing elōs IPL by Syneron Candela you will be assured of not only the safest but also the most effective of all IPL technologies worldwide.

The combination of both radio-frequency and light energy in the elōs technology, is an innovative and exciting development in the treatment of hair removal. With this approach, you can achieve permanent hair reduction while minimising the light energy required for effective treatment, hence reducing the risk of undesired side effects. Our skilled IPL specialist Maria Binnie is Certified by NZ laser & IPL, has over 7 year’s experience working with elōs & is committed to achieving real solutions to her client’s for permanent unwanted hair reduction.

Elōs™ IPL Hair Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

How does Elōs™ IPL Hair Removal work?

Pulses of light energy are attracted to the darker colour pigment in the shaft of the hair and convert the light to heat energy, in the same way that a black top attracts the sun’s rays and creates heat. Once the hair follicle is heated to a certain level, it is permanently destroyed.

How many treatments will I need?

There are many contributing factors that determine your treatment programme. Ideally you would be looking at a minimum of 4 to 8 treatments.

IPL is permanent hair reduction; there are many factors that give some people quicker results than others. The number of treatments required to achieve hair reduction varies with each patient. There is no guarantee concerning the percentage of hair reduction.

You may need top up treatments at the end of your course but you should find the majority has gone for good. In general, 1 to 2 treatment may be needed every couple of years.

How often do I need to come in for my treatments?

This is all determined by your hair growth cycle. A normal hair cycle is 3 months, which includes anagen (growth), telagen (transitional) and catagen (resting). We can only get results while treating in the growth phase. As a guideline appointments will be scheduled; face areas monthly and body areas bi-monthly.

Will it hurt?

Elōs is relatively pain free with no downtime. You will feel heat during your treatment similar to a hot rubber band flicking against the skin.

Why choose elōs?

Some of the poor quality or low power laser/IPL machines available on the market today cannot generate enough power to permanently damage the hair follicle, and instead temporarily ‘stun’ it, and so provide more of a temporary ‘laser wax’ than a permanent hair reduction.

Is elōs IPL Hair Removal safe?

Treatment is safe and effective.

How long is the treatment?

Depends on area being treated. Consultations are provided free of charge. A medical history assessment is completed and if approved as suitable for treatment then we can guarantee you results with elōs.

Price per treatment

Consultation |FREE
Lip |$95.00
Chin |$130.00
Jaw (neck line) |$150.00
Sides Face |$160.00
Full Face & Neck (as required) |$180.00 +
Stomach Line |$70.00
Underarms |$130.00
Bikini Line |$180.00
Brazilian |$280.00
Arms (upper or lower) |$245.00 +
Thighs (front or back) |$280.00 +
Lower legs (including knees) |$495.00
Full Legs |$800.00
Back |$450.00
Chest (male) |$350.00 +

Please note: Bookings available monthly only on Monday’s, please call for available appointments.

Elōs™ IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Now you can safely and quickly fade age spots, spider veins, rosacea, and blotchy skin due to sun damage with the revolutionary elōs™ technology. Only elōs combines radio frequency and light energies to gently and precisely target problem areas. The end result is clearer, more youthful-looking skin.

Suitable for treating:

  • Pigmentation irregularites
  • Spider veins/ vascular irregularities
  • Acne Scars
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Rosacea
  • Age Management
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Open Pores
  • Uneven skin tone

Elōs™ IPL Skin Rejuvenation – Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does elōs™ IPL work?

You will often see significant change after just one treatment. With an average of 3-5 treatments scheduled at monthly intervals, most people see a gradual and continual improvement of their skin tone. The total number of required sessions varies depending on the condition of your skin. During your initial consultation, our skilled IPL specialist Maria Binnie will recommend a schedule for maximum results.

What to expect after an elōs™ IPL treatment?

Some of your age spots and pigmentation will darken. After around 7-10 days these darkened spots will flake off leaving a clearer, more youthful appearance. Skin will appear more luminous after 10 days and redness will reduce between 4-6 weeks.

Does elōs™ IPL hurt?

Individual experience varies. Some people describe the sensation as uncomfortable & like the flicking of a rubber band.

Is elōs™ IPL safe?

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types, dark skin as well.

How long does elōs™ IPL treatment take?

Generally, after your consultation, each procedure takes around 30 – 45 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

Can your skin get burnt during elōs™ IPL?

Elōs™ is the safest of all IPL technologies because of it’s unique safety feature called Active Dermal Monitoring which measures the skin’s temperature and provides a reading that shows the exact increase in skin temperature after every pulse is delivered. So we know in real time how your skin is responding and adjust the settings often to keep the treatments safe & effective. Elōs™ is the only IPL system with this safety feature. The use of bi polar radio frequuncy enables superior penetration to target areas which means less optical energy is required. Both these factors equates to less collateral damage to surface areas.

Our IPL specialist Maria Binnie has over 7 years elōs™ experience and will always do a test patch prior to any treatment to determine the best settings for your skin and reduce the risk of any side effects. Winter is a great time to have IPL treatments, as you should be out of the sun a month prior to and after treatment. This is because sun exposure can increase the risk of side effects or pigment coming back. You should wear your recommended sun protection every day and keep out of direct sun.

Price per treatment

Spot area/ nose |$120.00
Cheeks |$220.00
Face |$290.00
Face & Neck |$390.00
Decolletage |$370.00
Hands (including fingers) |220.00

Please note: Bookings available monthly only on Monday’s, please call for available dates.

Elōs™ IPL ReFirme Skin Tightening

The non surgical face lift

The combined bi-polar radio frequency of the elos™ ReFirme skin tightening procedure, features revolutionary elos™ technology enabling you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, tightened and lifted appearance, by improving jowl and neck laxity, facial sagging, brow drop and lax skin and under the eyes creating skin tightening and wrinkle reduction through stimulation and production of your own bodies collagen. There are immediate improvements but the full benefits of treatment can take 6-12 months. The treatment is quick, safe and requires no downtime.

Elōs™ IPL ReFirme Skin Tightening – Frequently Asked Questions

How does ReFirme skin tightening work?

The elos™ ReFirme skin tightening device uses radio frequency to heat the tissue and gently stimulate a collagen response which over time will firm the skin. It is used as a focus treatment to target jowl, mouth and eye areas.

The combined bipolar RF and light energies stimulate the body’s natural collagen production processes to regenerate new collagen fibres to lift the skin achieving a face lift result. A more natural, comfortable and safer alternative to surgery.

How many ReFirme skin tightening will I need?

As a guideline 6 treatments for skin tightening and 3-5 treatment for skin rejuvenation scheduled at monthly intervals the cumulative result is a dramatically more youthful tightened and toned appearance.

Does the treatment hurt?

Most people are comfortable during treatments without any skin numbing, topical anaesthetic or analgesia.

Are there any risks to treatment?

There are no long-term health hazards and both light and electrical energy have been safely used for decades in medicine, surgery, and aesthetics. The more common side effects are reddening of the skin, some post treatment swelling which can last upto 3 days and darkening of pigmented lesions.

Who should have the ReFirme skin tightening procedure?

Suitability for treatment is assessed at your consultation after completion of medical history and current medication. Anyone except those with pacemakers, internal defibrillators, arhthymias, epilepsy and those using Roaccutane. Ideal for those who want a non-invasive solution to skin laxity, sagginess, loss of elasticity, textural irregularities. Please note that skin tightening treatment alone does not correct skin colour irregulaties, but combined with skin rejuvenation treatments it does.

How will my skin look immediately after treatment?

Skin can look temporarily pink, and lasts only a short time. There is no downtime with most people returning to normal activities immediately after treatment.

Consultations are provided free of charge. A medical history assessment is completed and if approved as suitable for treatment then we can guarantee you results with elōs.

Price per treatment

Face |$290.00
Face & Neck |$390.00
Face (Skin tightening + Skin rejuvenation combined) |$495.00
Face & Neck (Skin tightening + Skin rejuvenation combined) |$595.00

Please note: Bookings available monthly only on Monday’s, please call for available dates.